How to Pressure Wash a Driveway?

How to pressure wash a driveway

Without proper washing, a driveway can become messy and degrade within no time. Plenty of individuals take up pressure washing to increase the longevity of their driveways. It is a cost-effective technique that can assist in protecting your driveway and improve your home’s hardscape appeal. Thus, you might like to clean your driveway with this method. We are providing a novice-level overview of pressure washing your driveway like a true expert.

Why Driveway Pressure Washing Preparation is Important?

Your driveway is a place where you enter before getting into the home. If it is in a highly well-kept condition then it will make remarkable impressions on your loved ones. As time passes by, dust, gunk, grease, grime, and stains build up on your driveway’s surface. That takes away the shine from its surface making it look lifeless and unattractive. Hence, pressure washing is a useful way to make it look clean and appealing. It can bring it back to its original shape, giving it a brand-new appearance. Besides, it will make your home stand out from the rest of the homes in your community. You will start taking pride in the beauty of your home. Your neighbors will admire it because of its cleanliness. It will also assist in maintaining a pleasant environment. Now we can move on to discovering tips and tricks of how to pressure wash a driveway.

Step-by-Step Guidance About Pressure Washing A Driveway

1: Declutter the Surface

The initial move you can take is to declutter the surface of the cleaning area by removing any objects. For example, you can take care of any decorative or messy items near your driveway which can range from flower pots and debris to any type of product that is consuming space. By doing this, you can make the cleaning process convenient. This will help you to clean all the previously covered spots on the surface. After that, you should ensure to wipe away all signs of gunk, and dirt from the driveway.

2: Secure your Doors, Window sills, and Windows

You should try to secure your doors, window sills, and windows near your driveway. That’s because the pressurized stream of water can damage them if you are applying it for cleaning purposes. Also, the strong flow of water can toss small stones, debris, and other objects into various places on the property.

You can prevent that by hiding your windows, window sills, doors, and delicate regions with polythene bags. Many newbies won’t remember about keeping up with this professional piece of advice. But this is the best thing you can do to safeguard your property. You can apply waterproof tape to stick the polythene bags and stop water from leaking into your house. That is an essential step for driveway pressure washing.

3: Read your Pressure Washer’s User’s Guide

There is no one way to operate your pressure washer. Thus, you should ensure to view your gadget’s users’ guide. You must know how your press washer’s power settings work together with its other features. Assuming it is not adjusted or you don’t know how it works, it could degrade your driveway’s walkable area.

4: Dress-up with Safety Products

Before you begin your washing procedure, ensure that you are wearing all your safety products. That can help effectively wash your driveway.

5: Disperse the Cleaning Agent

Disperse your cleaning product on the driveway. That will assist in taking out the grease, gunk, and any spots on the surface. Your pressure washer might not possess a brushing component. You can clean the driveway with the broom. In this way, you can continue with the driveway pressure washing procedure.

6: Pressure wash the Uncovered Areas

After taking care of the above requirements, you can pressure wash the uncovered areas with the water hose. Pick up your water hose, and walk from one direction to another on the driveway. You should attempt to double-wash the area every couple after taking a couple of steps. Keep in mind that adequate methods will differ according to the pressure washer model. When you have to wipe away hard sports, you might have to keep your pressure washer close to the driveway.

7: Apply water to the Driveway

Apply water to the surface of the driveway to clean any remaining cleaning agent. Also, it will wipe away any mess or grease. Afterward, you can move aside to dry all the areas you have been washing. Additionally, you can put on the sealant to secure the surface from upcoming spots.

Few additional Tips for Pressure Washing

Start Slowly: Begin pressure washing by keeping two to three feet away from the driveway area. Slowly take a few steps close until you identify the adequate distance for washing the surface. You should be at a spot at which you can completely clean the driveway while avoiding any damage.

Maintain a Constant Height: You can keep up with a constant height above the driveway to guarantee uniform pressure emission. Correct yourself when it is necessary to keep the constant height.

Do your job in segments: Split your driveway into easily coverable segments and work on them by taking any one of them for the time being. This technique guarantees in-depth washing while you don’t lose any cleanable area.

Hard-to-clean Spots: To remove the stubborn greasy spot, a higher amount of pressure is necessary from the ejection end. Alternatively, you can apply a cleaning product to the surface together with pressure washing.

Alternatively, you can also give this job to an expert in driveway pressure washing services


Without adequate cleaning, a driveway can gather mess and wear out quickly. Many people benefit from pressure washing to improve the cleanliness and durability of their driveways. It is an affordable method that can help in securing your driveway and enhance your home’s hardscape attraction. With these tips, you are on your way to making your driveway look spick and span within no time. Remember, the cleaning process is not that complicated, you only need some equipment and cleaning products. Follow our instructions and your driveway will be as good as new.